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CO – Girls Homes


Are you a parent who is having difficulty looking for a residential program for your teenage daughter? There are small and short term group or a large and residential group home that you can find in Colorado, where they have the tools to help your family and your teens.

One of the support groups that you can go to, the Abundant Life Academy (ALA). This is a Home program for teenage girls, where they focus on Academic-Christian Based Programs unlike other girls’ homes in the US. They provide a safe environment for the girls where the girls can grow spiritually and emotionally. It will be a great opportunity for these young ladies to restore their lives. Academic is also one of the focuses of this academy, because mostly the main cost of the gap between parent and child is the lack of discipline in academics. The academy also helps on the recovery of relationship between the child and the parent.

Are you looking for Juvenile Justice information? There is a Justice System that every state follows for female offenders in the US, every state has a different approach for juvenile female offenders.

There are parenting programs that are provided by the government to assist parents with the development of their children. One of these is the parenting classes of Parent Pathways, which is a non-profitable organization that provides training for parents from early childhood to teenage years of a child.

Health Program

There are Medicaid and child health programs assistance for low-income families and for persons that are disabled. Some of the assistance of this program is for pregnant women who are looking for medical assistance or medical assistance for a child. You just need to complete that application and required documents to the nearest County Department of Human/Social Services.

There are indeed plenty of programs available for every residence in Colorado. There are new programs that are being created and counseling provided to give out the services needed by the community.

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