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FL – Girls Homes


Is your teen under attack with problems such as abuse in alcohol or illegal substance, are they experiencing depression. Then do not sit down and just look at your troubled teen, make a move because intervention is needed your child cannot handle this issue by herself, they need support and your care. The best intervention that a parent can do to help their troubled teenage girls are group home or girl’s homes.

Group homes can help your troubled teens and the parents. In the US Florida is one of the areas that have a large number of group homes that parents can seek help with it ranges from short to long term residential. Most of these group homes for teen girls are inexpensive and they have financial aids for family that needs it.

The Stewart Marchman Center Adolescent Residential is a group home located at Daytona Beach Florida. They provide a short term residency for voluntary and involuntary program for teens that has alcohol and drug abuse problems.

They provide counseling and educational classes for both the parents and the child to give informative information about alcohol and drug awareness. Their objective is to educate and assist the community about related issues to prevent addiction in the community.

There is a foundation in Florida that promotes and develops an agenda for the legislative sector to improve the Juvenile Justice system of Florida. The FJJA foundation acts a very important role to raise issue and effectively addressing these issues.

Drug Abuse Support

If the child is experiencing troubles with regards to drug abuse, there are drug treatment center that you can seek assistance in helping your child so that the child will have better recovery. The center gives its high level of care to the clients and provides them with medical and emotional assistance they need to get back on their life.

The public community is trying to help out these troubled teens. In Florida there are charter schools which are public schools that help troubled teens where they have programs for these children to stay in school.

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