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Foster Care

There is a great confusion among parents when foster care home and girls homes are mentioned. For some unknown reason people tend to believe that these two are the same, while in reality these two have very little in common. There is a great difference in what foster care homes are for and what girls homes are for, also in most cases the difference is what the children need. Most of the kids that ended up in foster care homes had no choice, which is the greatest difference between foster care and girls homes, so let’s explain this a bit better so that we could lift the confusion surrounding this myth.

There are several reasons why a child may be put in foster care. But what you need to understand first is that foster care homes are temporary homes for girls and boys. They are short term residency for kids, only until they can be returned to their parents, legal guardians or until new home can be found for them, which is why in most cases it is by the decision of the court why children are placed into foster care. The reasons can go from family abuse and issues in the original family, to juvenile delinquency or history of substance abuse by the child or because of some disorder that can’t be treated in home. The fact of the matter is that parents should avoid having their children go to a foster care because it has been proven that foster care has negative physical, psychological, cognitive and epigenetic effects on the child.

On the other hand girls homes are intended to help the child with whatever issue the child and the family is dealing with. Depending on the problem there are several types of girls homes that you can choose from to help your girl, ranging from specialty boarding school, therapeutic boarding schools to residential treatment centers and even boot camps and military schools. The purpose of these schools is to help your child deal with a certain issue while helping them achieve great academic results at the same time, so if you have a troubled girl you should seriously consider sending her to a girls home before it becomes too late and your child needs to be placed in a foster home because of some infraction or severe disorder that is causing your daughter to act irrational.

When choosing the right girls homes you have to consider two things, the first is the specialty of the girls homes in question. If your child is having defiance issues or some type of a disorder like ADHD or attention deficit disorder the right choice of school for your girl would be a specialty boarding school or therapeutic boarding school. If your child is having some psychological problems or she is having substance abuse issues than you will be better off sending your child to a residential treatment center. Each one of these provides different types of care for your girl and tries to ensure the recovery on the needed level as well as pursuing good academic achievements.

You can expect from these types of girls homes to pay close attention to your girls needs as the faculty is equally spread, meaning that on average you have one faculty member on seven students. That way each of the girls can have the needed attention, while in foster care that is not an option as most of these homes are overcrowded and the stuff there can hardly make any difference, their best hope is that someone will soon resolve the issue of a child and place it in the appropriate care.

If you are wondering about the prices of girls homes they can be very expensive, but if your child is having a serious issue, compared to normal behavior problems and low academic achievement, then you can always go for government grants and financial aid offered for that kind of cases. The bottom line is that if you have a troubled girl you should do whatever necessary to get your child into one of the girls homes mentioned here, specialty boarding schools or residential treatment centers are your best option in helping your child. Don’t let it get too serious and out of control or the alternative will not be good for anyone.

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