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The counsleing portion of the Home Based Services Division is a part of the Lighthouse Youth Service’s more creative divisions. The bulk of what their program does is directed towards teens, the program also features therapist, life coaches, and case managers who are focused on the special needs of teens and young people By focusing in on their particular needs and difficulties through specified targeted therapy.
Their services are specifically designed so that teens and children have a consistent counseling presence in their lives as they move from foster locations and all through the system, at home or in any other venue they may find themselves. The organizations focus is on substance abuse/mental health systems, juvenile justice system and the child welfare system. The core concept behind the Lighthouse Youth Services is to do whatever it takes to keep teens safely placed in their own homes if possible.

At the Juvenile Justice Coalition, an Ohio non-profit organization, their mission is promoting effective, quality programs for the equitable treatment of teens in the system to reduce the instances of juvenile delinquency in Ohio. The people at the coalition are committed to offering current statistics and research.

The Beech Acres Parenting Center has been serving children and their families in the Greater Cincinnati area for 160 years. The programs purpose is to strengthen the family, meaning that their core concept is that parents and all other sorts of other parental figure should considered the unique nature of their teens and try to build on that to inspire healthy social, physical and mental growth for their wards. By utilizing support tools, peer feed back. and the support of experts the center works to enhance parenting skills, knowledge, and capabilities. provides information that lets communities mobilize around core values and bring hope through long-term recovery and treatment, for both individuals and their family members who have been affected by addiction and substance abuse.

School counseling

This website provides Information on applying for Medicare and where use it and the requirements for attaining Medicare.

The JET or Job Experience Training program is a learning program based on work which is a part of the comprehensive 4-H youth development program at Adventure Central and urban education center, in Dayton, Ohio. JET happens over a six-month time period, ending with an eight-week work experience over the summer in conjunction with the local park district.

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