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    For 40 years Youth Services has provided innovative counsleing programs and other services to serve the many needs of Tulsa’s teen population. Youth Services has an Emergency Shelter program called the Safe Place program that features counseling and many other positive supportive programs such as the Transitional Living program, Art Studios and Youth Court. Youth Services works to keep Children and teens safe and offers them tools they need to have healthy and safe lives after the difficulties have passed.

The Survival Skills for Young Women program mission is to educate young girls and teens that they can be smart, strong, and independent.
The program was started to combat the disproportionate number of teen girls entering into the juvenile justice system by actively going for the roots causes of delinquency. The idea was that while there were many avenues available to help male teens there were few available to teenage girls. With The Survival Skills program the juvenile justice has designed a program that speaks to the needs of teen girls.

Through the well designed Active Parenting programs new parents are taught to raise happy and healthy kids from birth up through their teen years using non-physical disciplinary techniques as well as other vetted parenting methods. Parents are taught useful parenting techniques and skills to help them navigate the challenges that parenting can bring daily.

Teen boarding schools

Having over 30 years of actionable experience helping teens and their families cope with addiction, A Chance to Change has high-quality counseling and educational programs. ACTC provides family, group, and individual counseling sessions by a well trained staff experienced in meeting the needs of their clients.

ACTC is known for treating chemical dependency issues and related disorders, but they are also experienced counselors who work with teens suffering from a myriad of addictions, and other mental health issues.

This site provides information on Medicaid availability for children and teens, such as where and how to apply and how and where to use it.

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence program provides a varied listing of Oklahoma tutoring and mentoring programs to help teens, families, mentors, communities, and schools. There is a featured list of state-wide programs, as well as a listing of programs that are in operation through out the city. The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence offers this directory to service the community.

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