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Project Forward is a prevention program made specifically for adolescent girls, offering girls along with their families in an after school program that takes place five days a week, is home based family oriented form of counseling, and paired services that are meant to help girls with help of their families promote school attendance and safe healthy behavior. Referrals to the program are usually made through family court but they can be contacted prior to attendance or in case of a need.

This kit has information on the Juvenile Justice Educational Aftercare & Reintegration Toolkit for professionals which guides advocates through the process of helping troubled youths reclaim their place in society after going through the juvenile court system. The kit deals with the rights of youth, enrolling teens into public school, charter schools, truancy issues and school attendance. It also offers material on alternative education schemes for troubled students, and further directions on how to avoid the teen finding themselves back in the system.

Project Child offers Parenting Education Classes. Classes like these are meant to guide the parent to through the dynamic changes of the child’s life. The purpose of these classes is to help refine the skill of understanding, prevent child abuse through parenting skills that will help new parents adjust to new roles, cope with problems, and the changes that families bring. Classes are either opened to the public or mandated by the court.

After School Activities

The Alcohol and Drug portion of George Junior Republic is a three part program: prevention, intervention and rehabilitation. Teens placed in the George Junior Republic program begin in the prevention portion. Youths found needing for more treatment are then referred to the second phase of care. The final stage is rehabilitation, which places the teen in residential Alcohol and Drug units.

This site provides information on the Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which provides children with free health insurance and access to Pennsylvania Medicaid.

The YCP program offers experiential education based on community effort and group connections.

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