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Private vs. State Run Group Homes

Most of the parents that have to deal with troubled girls, ranging from depression, behavior problems, emotional problems, violence, substance abuse or anything else that comes to mind, think about sending their child to girls homes like specialty boarding schools, residential treatment centers and even boot camps and military schools. Now the most common question is should you go for state group homes or private group homes. The thing is that they are different in many ways, and from research gathered it seems that there isn’t much of a choice there at all, let’s see why.

The issue here is not which ones are better, although there are arguments for both sides; the question here is which ones are more appropriate for your child. As far as the better part goes each has its own benefits, and flaws. While private group homes offer more care and work closely with the families they are more expensive, state group homes are much cheaper if not even free depending on the case, but they tend to feel more like prison than treatment centers or therapeutic group homes.

Let’s look at different facilities as examples. If you take specialty boarding schools you can see a great difference between private and state run schools. Private specialty boarding schools tend to take in emotionally challenged and disoriented children that need to work on their motivation and academic achievements. They work closely with the family and with children; the best part is that on average there is one faculty member on seven students, so you know that their teachers will be giving them needed attention. On the other hand state schools work with more troubled children. They work with children whose academic standards are quite low, who severely lack discipline, and the fact that the children don’t want to go to these schools doesn’t make it any easier for the schools to deal with them, so some of these schools look chaotic at first. But faculty there deals with these children on an envious level. So the question here is which group does your girl belong to? Based on that you can see if your child will be better off in a state or in a private group home.

Another good example are treatment centers. Private treatment centers are there to provide your child with a way to deal with addiction or mental issue, the same as state treatment centers, but private schools deal with less hardened drug abuse individuals and they tend to involve group therapy and family of the patient as much as they can. Their approach is specific in a way that they nurture family values and the influence of the family on the treatment. The results of both types are solid, no question about it, but state treatment centers deal with hard core drug abusers and their philosophy is that family only gets in the way, as they didn’t discipline them on time and now they will only be shown as a weakness. Their detoxification services are much harder and straight forward than those in private treatment centers.

Other state group homes for girls on with violent behavior and criminal past are a story of its own. While private group homes will avoid such children because they are too hard to work with and most of all they would bring distress among other girls trying hard to make a change, state group homes work with these children on every day basis. It seems that private schools avoid them so state schools have to take them, but they don’t do it with pleasure or the will to help, it seems like they are only doing it because someone has to. Which is the biggest problem of all, private group homes avoid them, state group homes don’t want them either but they have no choice.

If you have a milder child and want to participate in her recovery than private group homes are the best choice for you if you can afford one. Overall it’s better to send your girl into a private group home if you have the means, as you know that they will do their best to help your child, while state facilities have smaller chance. It’s not that the people there don’t try to help, but they are overrun, overcrowded, and they deal with the worst possible cases, and that is not the environment you would want to send your child to.

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