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Friends of Youth is a counseling provider that serves troubled youths and their families, while working with local school districts to provide in school counseling for teens and children. The counseling focuses on both the individuals with in the family, and the family as a unit. All the counselors are Master’s level and highly skilled

and are experienced in dealing with: depression and anxiety, behavior problems, school difficulties, post traumatic stress, victims of sexual, physical abuse, conflict management, divorce, blended family, and illness death of loved ones. Also they provide parenting courses for the parents of teens and young children. Friends of Youth accept medicaid and determines fees based on the size of the family and the families financial status. They serve families and young people under the age of 25.

Washington state’s juvenile justice office is considered a national leader in the practice of juvenile justice. They can provide information concerning court procedures and the ins and outs of the legal process. Also they can provide information on how to deal with crimes against children and teens.

The Child haven organization realizes that not all parents are prepared to be parents straight away. Child haven provides education and support for new parents who may feel unprepared, as well as parents who who have experienced neglect, trauma, abuse, and poverty as children and find themselves needing support.

Part of their agenda is to help stem the cycle of abuse to make sure it doesn’t continue to the next generation, by providing support and instilling confidence in the parent. They work with parents and care givers face to face and also in the class room. Child haven provides training through Parent-Child Interaction Therapy that will help build the parents confidence and connection with their children.

This ADHL site is arranged to provide support and information for teens deal with drug addiction. It provides integral “Peer to Peer” support and communication to help teens feel free to open up about drug abuse by speaking with other teens who are currently going through recovery.

Children's Health Help

King County Health Services serves children between the ages of 1-18 years of age and pregnant women between the ages of 19 and 20 with Medicaid and is located at Columbia, Eastgate, North and Renton Public Health dental clinics. They also serve homeless troubled teens between the ages 13 and 18.

The 4-H Afterschool is an enhanced program that offers a healthy, enriching, and caring environment engages youths in structured long-term learning with adult support. They also provide after school studying programs that can help students focus in on their goals and scholastic agendas.

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